Sunday, September 30, 2007

Arrival of the First Dolls

I originally wanted a Pullip Nina and Taeyang Sage to be my first two and last Pullip and Taeyang. But my colleague's boyfriend can't find them. So my colleague suggested that maybe I should just get the bride and the groom (Pullip Eternia and Taeyang Filato). I agreed though that time, I honestly didn't like them so much (based on their promo pics). So I told myself that I'll just see them when they arrive.

Monday, April 2, 2007, around 7:30 AM I finally got them. I was really so happy. I walked around our whole office just to let everyone see them. I never realized that they are so pretty and handsome in person. Most of my colleagues love Filato and said he's really handsome. I couldn't help myself not to look at them whenever I have a time. They are so beautiful...

5:00 PM came time for me and my beautiful dollies to go home. But the problem is... how? Their boxes are too big for the paper bag I brought and I have to meet my parents in a mall. One of my colleagues suggested that I bring home one first then the other one tomorrow. But I really wanted to take them home together. What I did was to borrow a bigger paper bag, put them inside then placed towel on top (it's because I told my parents I'll be bringing home some of my stuffs). I looked so weird carrying a very big paper bag in a mall... but I didn't mind. It's all for my dollies' sake. ^^ When I found my parents, my dad accompanied me to where our car was parked to put my thing. He asked me what's in my paper bag? I replied saying they are just my stuffs. (I'm such a bad kid... lying to her parents...oops!).

Anyway, to cut the story short, we arrived at home safely without my parents noticing them. Hehe~ I took them to my room and took their first photo.

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How It All Started...

I have always been a doll lover. I started collecting dolls when I was still in my sophomore year in college. I think that was May 2001 to be precise. Bratz dolls dominate my collection. I have 104 of them but I stopped to give way to start a brand new Pullip and Taeyang collection.

But how did I came to know about them? Well, it's a really long story and it started because of this bag.
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I bought this bag 2 years ago. Mainly because it has lots of dolls printed on it. And ever since, I was wondering what kind of dolls they are. I kept searching in the internet hoping to find what kind of dolls they are but it's no use since I don't know their names.

It was only last year that I found out about them during a Christmas trip to Hong Kong with my family. I saw them by chance in a store. I wanted to buy one but she's really expensive. If I'm not mistaken, the big ones cost HKD850 each and the petites cost HKD250. I just told myself I'll get one next time and at least know I know what kind of doll they are. They are Blythe Dolls.

As soon as we got home, I made my research and was amazed about how her eye color changes when you pull a string attached to her head. Then, I know I will surely get one. But sadly, I can't find a store here that sells her.

One day, when I got nothing to do in the lab, I randomly told one of my colleagues to go to Japan and help me buy a Blythe doll. It didn't occurred to me that time that her boyfriend works in Japan. Then she told me that her boyfriend is coming home and she could ask him to buy one for me. What she said really made my day. I really felt so lucky. ^^

The next day, she told me that her boyfriend agreed. I just need to tell them which doll I would like to get. Yay! As soon as I got home, I searched for the names of the different Blythe dolls that I like. In one of the searches, I saw Pullip. I didn't know what it is so I clicked the link and found the most beautiful dolls I've ever seen. So I researched more about them and fell in love with Pullip Nina and Taeyang Sage.

Phew! That's a really long story. I don't know if I made any sense though. Oh, well, I need to work on my next post. ^^

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mein Puppe-Tagebuch

Mein Puppe-Tagebuch is German/Deutsch for My Doll Dairy. How to pronounce it... hmmm... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I have no idea. I had a German class in college but i never took it seriously.

This is my personal journal about my lovely dollies. I'll be writing about how I started collecting them and all the trouble it caused me and other people I know just to have them. I know I should have started this as soon as I got my first dolls. But every single detail of how I got each of them are still fresh like it just happened yesterday. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket