Monday, May 12, 2008

The More the Merrier! XD

Yay! I got my custom made doll carrying bag/case today. I was surprised how big it is! I originally wanted it to fit only 3 pullips/taeyangs but thanks to my not-so-good-tape-measuring-skills it's big enough to fit 5 dollies! XD It could even use it a laptop bag. haha.

The whole bag:
doll carrying bag (by -=april=-)

the more the merrier!!! (by -=april=-)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sweet Changes -Yuki and Yuna-

Yuki's and Yuna's stock look:

yuki (by -=april=-)

yuna's stock look (by -=april=-)

I really think that Yuki has the most beautiful hair among my girls. I really love the color and the style for her. She really looks mature to be Yuri's older sister but too mature looking to be Yuna's younger sister specially when I gave Yuna, the wig I ordered for my HK. -__-

is yuri adopted? (by -=april=-)

So what I did was to swap their wigs instead. I think Yuki looks younger than Yuna now. ^_^

yuki (by -=april=-)
Obitsu body (SBH-L Pale)

Rewigged (Cancan r59a brown black)
Added a layer lashes

yuna with alte's stock wig (by -=april=-)
Obitsu body (SBH-M Pale)
Rewigged (Alte's stock wig)
New eyelashes

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sweet Changes -Reiko-

I originally bought a Cornice because I wanted to turn her into a samurai girl. But after getting her, I changed my mind. She's just so pretty and I don't trust my customizing skills. ^_^ But there's something about her the makes her looks so left out among my other girls. It must be because of her hair and her snobbish looks.

reiko (by -=april=-)

I couldn't get the hang of changing my dollies eyelashes. I thought of adding a new layer of eyelashes on Reiko's eyelids. I think they brought out her beauty more and toned down her snobbish looks.

reiko (by -=april=-)

When Kyrie got her new wig, I gave Reiko her stock wig. I think Reiko looks better with black wig.

reiko's new look (by -=april=-)

I tried giving her eyemechs to Miki to see how Miki will look like. Miki is so cute with Reiko's eyemechs that I can't bring myselft to give it back. So what I did was to give her the purple acrylic eyes that was meant for Sakura. After hours of sawing, I finally managed to remove and change her eyes.

reiko (by -=april=-)
Obitsu body (SBH-L Marrone)
Rewigged (straighted Eternia stock wig)
Added a layer lashes
Acrylic Eyes (purple)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Almost Complete Doll House

It's not totally finished yet. I still need to decorate the walls and add more furnitures. -__-

semi complete doll house (by -=april=-tream)
Click here for the bigger photo. ^_^

5th Floor
Raiden, Ren and Jiro

4th Floor
Kyrie, Kei, Miki, Reiko and Azumi

3rd Floor - the most croweded room
Yuri, Yuki, Yuna, Hiro, Hitomi, Sumire, Shinji

2nd Floor
Anju, Ayumi, Marrika, ??? and Train

1st Floor
Hoshiko, Ito, Sakura, Zap, Lightning and Bolt

Monday, April 7, 2008

And so the Construction Begins

Anju: You're one lucky Pullip, Ayumi.
Ayumi: I am?
Anju: Yes you are. You don't have to wait for so long to have a house unlinke most of us.

Anju: April just let us sit on top of her computer table, her drawer or on the pile our boxes.
Ayumi: Aww... I guess she just didn't have the time to have our house made right away.
Anju: Yeah... her uncle was always busy.

Anju: But anyway, I get a special treatment. hehe~ I'm the only one sitting on a couch. All the rest are just sitting the boxes. Well, except for her first 2 dollies. They have their own rooms.
Ayumi: Now everyone will have their own room. I'm so excited.

Few hours later...

Anju: So what do you think, Ayumi? Isn't this great?
Ayumi: Yup! I can't wait for our house to be finished.
Anju: I hope we get to keep this couch. And be on the same floor as you know who... *giggles*

The END.

Bonus Pics:
a full view of their soon to be home

please ignore the mess.

best friends anju and ayumi

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sweet Changes -Sakura-

Raphia's hair is known to be notorious for going wild. But I really love her stock outfit so I decided to get her.

sakura (by -=april=-)

I tried to save her awfully disastrous hair by soaking it in fabric conditioner and trimming it a bit. But I ended up chopping off so much and didn't like the result. Good thing Yuri's stock wig is still in good shape so I tried it on her. She looked like a blue-eyed Nina in that wig.

Rewigged Sakura (by -=april=-)

I've always wanted Sakura to have a pink hair. While waiting for her pink wig to arrive, I temporarily made her wear missionary's stock wig. I'm not really sure if it looks good on her but it's a good thing she only have to wear it for a day. ^_^

sakura (by -=april=-)

When I ordered Sakura's wig, I wasn't sure if metallic pink is the good choice. It looks dull from the seller's photos. I was hoping I could get a pinkmix - a brighter shade of pink but it wasn't available. So I ended up buying the metallic pink one. When it arrived, I fell in love with the color. It was so beautiful and it looks great on Sakura.

sakura (by -=april=-)
Obitsu body (SBH-M Flesh/Normal)
Rewigged (Cancan r36a metallic pink)
New lashes

Sweet Changes -Train-

Train's hair covers his pretty face so much when I got him. I almost regret buying him. -__-

train (by -=april=-)

Then I borrowed Raiden's wig to see if it will look good on him. He looks so cool that I just let him keep the wig and join TQ.

there's no turning back now... (by -=april=-)
Rewigged (fur wig from boggie0909 [ebay])
Obitsu Slim Male - Pale

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Guess Who ^_^

Me brought home dollies from Singapore. Got them from Magma Heritage. Madison was really nice to me. His shop is a real dollie heaven. And his cat is soooooo cute too. ^_^

hoshiko: guess who they are ^__^ (by -=april=-)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sweet Changes -Raiden-

One of my officemates said that Raiden is cross eyed, electrocuted and shocked. Sigh~ I know it's mean but he does have that look.
raiden010 (by -=april=-)

Then I swapped his and Ren's eyemechs and gave him a new layer of eyelashes hoping to reduce his shocking stare. I think he looks better with green eyes. ^_^
raiden gets a new shirt (by -=april=-)

I bought him a new wig which really made him look better. But Train took it because he needed it for his TQ. -__-
Raiden with his new wig (by -=april=-)

But now, he have a new wig and he really looks good with it. I made myself promise not to take it again. ^_^
raiden (by -=april=-)
Rechipped with Filato's stock eyes
Rewigged (fur wig from boggie0909 [ebay])

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sweet Changes -Yuri-

Yuri's stock look:
yuri with the iron rod (by -=april=-)

When Shinji got his wig, I decided to try his stock wig on Yuri. She looks really cute with a short hair. ^__^
yuri099 (by -=april=-)

But Shinji's stock wig was starting to get very dry and frizzy so I decided to buy Yuri a new wig (of course it has to be a short one ^^). After almost a month of waiting for her new wig, it arrived last Wednesday. Yay! I was a little unhappy about it at first but now, I really love how Yuri looks. She's so adorable. ^__^
yuri (by -=april=-)
Obitsu Body (SBH-M Pale)
Rewigged (Leekeworld L-048_E Brown)
Rechipped with Holly's stock eyes
New lashes

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Wigs! ^^

Yay! Finally, Yuri's and Miki's wigs arrived, after almost a month of waiting. But they were worth waiting for. I love the quality and they are so soft. ^^

miki's new wig (by -=april=-)
She's now wearing a Dollga W072 Pink Cocktail wig. I really love how it looks on her. ^__^

yuri's new wig (by -=april=-)
Yuri's wig is Leekeworld L-048_E Brown. At first I wasn't really happy with her new wig. I think she looks older. But after adjusting the wig so that her eyes would be seen, she looks cuter.

And they even sent some free candies. LOL!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sweet Changes -Shinji-

Shinji is my most favorite boy though he doesn't have any new pictures right now. He is the very first one to say goodbye to his stock hair. ^^

I don't really like his stock wig for him. It reminds me of F4 *sings oh baby, baby...hehe~*
last photo of shinji in his stock wig (by -=april=-)

So decided to rewig him. ^^ Isn't he the cutest? hehe~ And to make him look younger, I changed his body...though his body is pinker than his face...I don't really mind. ^^
shinji and his chibi spider-man (by -=april=-)
Obitsu body (Slim Flesh/Normal)
Cancan r05a brownivoryT

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Welcome Home, Zap and Yuna!

Yay! Zap and Yuna are finally home! ^__^ But they are still inside their boxes hiding inside my closet (I'm hiding them from my mom...sshhh).

yay for new dollies! ^__^ (by -=april=-)

Sweet Changes -Jiro-

Here's Jiro when he arrived
jiro (by -=april=-)

Then, I changed his body (volks neo-go) but his skin tone and body didn't match -__-
just striking a pose (by -=april=-)

Because his hair was getting dry and frizzy so i decided to cut his hair
jiro got a hair cut (by -=april=-)
Lesson learned: April can never cut hair/wig. =P

And his final look:
jiro (by -=april=-)
fur wig from boggie0909 [ebay]
taeyang stock body

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sweet Changes -Ren and Kyrie-

Most of my dollies already said goodbye to their stock look. I plan to change all of their looks so that they will have their own identities and will look almost/as much as possible unique from others. ^^

Let's start with my first 2 dollies. ^^

Kyrie and Ren before
DSC00962 (by -=april=-)

Kyrie after
kyrie (by -=april=-)
obitsu body (SBH-M)

rewigged (Cancan r53a-Black)
added new lashes and blush

Ren after
ren (by -=april=-)
obitsu body (Slim Pale)
rechipped with MJ's stock eyes
rewigged (fur wig from boggie0909 [ebay])

Most Recent Family Picture

Whee~ I'm back from the grave and bringing a new photo of my pullip family. ^^

Family Photo 021608 (by -=april=-)
Latest members:
~ Hiro (Taeyang Shade)
~ Ito (Taeyang Timulus)
~ Marrika (Pullip Prunella)

Tomorrow, 2 new members will be added. So that means, I have to take a new one. -___-

Sigh~ I change my blog's skin so i could post bigger pics but i lost almost all the links I used to have and my shoutbox!!! -___-