Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!


Pairs! Pairs!

Lovely couples:





Best Friends:

They arrived together:


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Family Picture

Yay! I'm finally able to take a new and updated family picture.

My lovely girls:

My boys (I seriously need more boys!):
Hehe~ They look like they are a boy band or something. ^^

The whole gang:
Standing: Ren (Filato), Kyrie (Eternia), Azumi (RIDa), Raiden (MJ), Jiro (Lead), Yuki (Alte), Miki (Aquel), Train (Missionary)
Sitting: Reiko (Cornice), Hoshiko (Hello Kitty), Anju (ASSA), Shiji (Sage), Yuri (Nina), Hitomi (Souseiseki), Sumire (Latte), Sakura (Raphia)

Hiro and Ito

Here's the preview picture of Hiro and Ito. They are still in Singapore but they will be arriving anytime next week. ^^ Whee~


Friday, December 21, 2007

Another Set of Updates

1. Whee~ my friend got Hiro and Ito last Tuesday. YAY!

2. I might be getting another girl.

3. I gave up on the idea of getting her but after seeing her box pic in MH, I can't resist.

4. I hope my officemate's bf (the one who helped me with Ren and Kyrie) can help me get her as he is coming home this December.

5. She'll be my 12th Pullip (if I'm not mistaken), my 19th Pullip/Taeyang dollie and the 133rd (still need to make a recount) dollie that will be leaving in my crowded room. ^^

6. That means 3 new dollies for Christmas and New Year!!! Yay!

6. But I'm really flat broke right now. Sigh~

7. I'll post a preview photo of Ito and Hiro when my friend emailed me the pictures tomorrow. ^^

8. I told my friend that Zap (Taeyang Horizon) will be my last Pullip/Taeyang. But she didn't believe me!!! Who would anyway... I also said that after getting Yuri and Shinji. -__-

9. I still have my eyes set on Pullip Stica and Pullip Rei (Evangelion).

10. I hope I could get either one of them because I love their red eyes.

11. I plan on rechipping Ito's eyes to red. But don't you think he'll look scary with black hair and red eyes?

12. Sigh~ I still can't order my boys', Anju and Hoshiko's wigs. I hope they could wait. >.<

NOTE: I'll get back to my dollies' stories after I get over all the excitement I'm having right now...hehe~

Friday, December 14, 2007


I'm really sorry for my very late update...I was busy with other stuffs (and was running out of English!!! hehe...).

So many things happened. Here are some new stuffs about my dollies (in no particular order).

1. Kyrie has a new wig. It's still black but longer and with slightly different style.

2. Jiro's hair is really dry and frizzy. I need to get him a new wig.

3. Raiden got a new wig and body. But after a week or two he is back to his old wig and body. My poor boy... I'll also get him a new wig.

4. Sumire's best friend, Hitomi said she is really over Shinji. Now both of them are setting up Shinji and Yuri. ^^

5. I broke Sakura's foot because I forced a boot on her. -___-

6. I tried Raiden's new wig on Train. I liked how he looked so I decide to let him keep it.

7. Because I decided to join TQ with Train, I switched his body to obitsu which I took from Raiden. Raiden understands the situation completely and he was really supportive of Train. ^^

8. Miki thinks she owns Train. She loves to be always beside him. ^^ Train doesn't mind though but doesn't admit that he likes Miki.

9. Sakura has a new wig too. It's metallic pink bit some hints of blond. It's so soft and silky. I love it!

10. I was suppose to get Anju last November 15 but she wasn't shipped yet that time and arrived with Hoshiko!

11. Hoshiko and Anju arrived. They are both so adorable. ^^

12. I rewigged Hoshiko with Yuri's stock wig. She looks really pretty with brown hair. ^^

13. I asked my friend who now works in Singapore to help me get a Taeyang Shade and she said she will.

14. I will name my upcoming Taeyang Shade, Hiro (I got his name from the TV show Heroes). He is Tomi's cousin and the boy who Sumire hates so much. hehe~

15. Because of Suemomo's Nevio (Taeyang Timulus) I ask my friend to help me get a Timulus too. ^^

16. I'll be naming him Ito. But I'm still not sure if he will be related to Tomi or Hoshiko.

17. Sakura's no longer footless. I got her a new obitsu which is in flesh tone. ^^

18. Hoshiko and Anju have their obitsu bodies too. They have SBH-M and SBH-S respectively.

19. Anju is the youngest among my dollies. She's only 15. ^^

20. I said I'll stop my Pullip/Taeyang buying sometime soon. Maybe after I got Zap (Horizon) and probably another boy.

21. You shouldn't believe me when I say that....hehe~ I always end up getting more. hehe~

22. I decided to bring Hoshiko and Anju to a local Pullip Meet last December 9 but due to some reasons, I wasn't able to go there. -__-

23. I bought a pair of purple acrylic eyes for Sakura. But I'm too scared to change her eyes.

24. I'll be rewigging Reiko soon with Kyrie's stock wig.

25. Jiro is bugging me to give him his old body back. I will maybe tomorrow. ^^

26. I bought new clothes for my girls as my Christmas present for them.

27. For Yuri's dress, I bought a Barbie and sold the naked doll to one of my officemates. hehe~

28. Kyrie has a new admirer. He is Kaya's Hash, Kai.

29. Ren and Azumi are pretty much the same. They are busy with their own stuff.

30. Two of my dollies are starting to notice each other.... hehe~ You'll find out soon. ^^