Sunday, November 11, 2007

Episode 8: A Small Reunion

Yuri: lalalalalala... I wonder when will Yuki call? lalalalala

Yuri was busy singing to herself that she didn't notice somebody came in.

Raiden sat beside Yuri unaware that it was her.

Yuri: lalalalala...
Raiden (to himself): That voice sounds familiar.

Raiden turned around and saw Yuri.

Raiden: Yuri? Is that you?
Yuri (surprised): Raiden? Wow! Is that also you?
Raiden: It's me alright.

Yuri: I really can't believe it. It you're here that means the lovely Azumi is here too.
Raiden: Yup! She's here too. But she's talking to someone right now. So, is Yuki also here?
Yuri: Nope. But she'll be arriving soon. She still finishing some stuffs before going here.

Raiden: I see. If Yuki's not yet here, where are you staying?
Yuri: Jiro let me asked a princess-like friend of his to let me stay at her place for a while.
Raiden: You mean, Kyrie?
Yuri: Yup! How did you know her name?
Raiden: Azumi told me about her. And where does Jiro stay?
Yuri: I see. Him? He's staying with that dorky boy friend of him.

Raiden: Dorky boy? You mean, Ren, right?
Yuri: Yep!
Raiden: He's actually Azumi's younger brother.
Yuri (surprised): Oops! I'm sorry. Don't tell. Don't tell. I promise not to call him dorky boy again.
Raiden: Hehe~ you are really so cute as ever, Yuri. Okay, I won't tell.

Yuri: By the way, what are you guys doing here? Does that mean your band will be reunited again?
Raiden: Azumi and I went here so she'll be reunited with her brother. As for the band, well, we could be reunited but I don't think we could still form a band.
Yuri: I see. Aww... how come?
Raiden: Well, you see, I have to sell my bass so that we can go here. I don't know if I'll still be able to buy a new bass.
Yuri: Aww... that's so sad. But I hope things will be alright.
Raiden: Yeah.

Raiden: I have to go now. It's really nice to see you again.
Yuri: Okay! Looks like I'll be seeing you guys around.
Raiden: Yeah. So, bye for now.
Yuri: Bye-Bye. Oh, and please tell Azumi hi from me.
Raiden: Okay.

Yuri (blushing): Oh..., when their band reunites I'll finally be able to here Jiro singing again.


Notice Raiden's eyes are still gray here. I took these photos before i swapped Ren's and Raiden's eye mechs.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

First Head Surgery

I didn't know what came to my head that day, I just wanted to try replacing Sumire's eyelashes. I just read how to open pullips head and everything once or twice and didn't print it out. I just trusted my memory. It was really scary but it was fun. ^^

Here's a close up of Sumire's eye before the "operation" her lashes aren't that visible.

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Here's Sumire after her eyelashes transplant.

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After Sumire's successful operation, I can't get a hang of it and gave Yuri and Kyrie new lashes as well.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I swapped Ren and Raiden's eye mechs too. ^^

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Episode 7: Jinji and Sumi-chan

Shinji: Sumi-chan, I thought you'll be arriving next month. How come you're here so early?
Sumire: Jinji, are you not happy to see me?
Shinji: It isn't like that. I am just surprised that you came so early. You didn't even call so I can pick you up. And stop calling me Jinji.
Sumire: Nothing. I just missed you so I decided to go here earlier than expected.

Shinji: I really don't believe you. Something came up that's why you're here. What happened?
Sumire: Nothing happened. Trust me.
Shinji: Come on. You have another boy trouble don't you?

Sumire: It's all because of this boy. He's grrr... I really don't like his guts. He keep on picking up on other people. So I punched his face and everybody saw me do it. His nose were really swollen and bleeding. Then I got kicked out of the club because of being violent. So mom and dad said that it's better if I'll just transfer to a different school. That's why I'm here.
Shinji: You're so scary Sumi-chan. That's why you'll never get a boyfriend. All the boys are so scared of you.

Sumire: I don't need to have any other boy in my life. You are more than enough. I'm so lucky to have you as my brother.
Shinji: I'm really so touched. I'm also so lucky to have you as a sister, Sumi-chan.

Sumire: So what is it like living here?
Shinji: It's a nice place. But you'll have to be used to doing all the chores. We'll be living alone and we don't have maids like what we have at home.
Sumire: I see. It's cool with me.

Sumire: What about the people here? Are they nice?
Shinji: I'm still new around here. I've only met a few. There's Ren, he's our landlord. He owns the aparment where I'm staying right now. Then there's Jiro. He is Ren's room mate.
Sumire: Oh.. looks like there are lots of boys here. I hope I will not get into another trouble.
Shinji: Yeah... You better not.

Shinji: There are also girls here. There's Kyrie. She's really sweet and nice and very pretty. And there's a new girl too. I just haven't met her yet.
Sumire: Looks like you're interested in this Kyrie girl you are talking about. Hehe~ I want to meet her.
Shinji: Yeah... you should meet her.



Some notes:
- Sumire calls Shinji, Jinji when they were still kids.
- The club Sumire mentioned is a Taekwondo club. She has a black belt in taekwondo. So she could be really scary. hee~

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Good News from Japan

My friend's boyfriend went to Japan for a training. Of course, I didn't made that opportunity pass to ask him to help me buy Yuki for me along with some obitsu bodies. ^^ I gave him a shopping list with pictures, product code, etc. along with a direction on how to go to the shop where he could find those in my list.

A day after getting Sumire, I was chatting with my friend. Then she suddenly asked me if it's Pullip Alte that I asked her boyfriend to buy for me. Then I said yes then asked why. She said that her boyfriend bought her already! Yay! Looks like I was not the only one who is happy about that news... Jiro too, of course! ^^

Here's a the preview picture of Yuki while she was still in Japan as well as some of the future bodies of my dollies. ^^
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Profile Time: Sumire

Name: Sumire Ogawa
Nickname: Shinji calls her Sumi-chan
Type: Pullip Latte
Bought: July 21, 2007
Birthday: May 2 (of course she'll be sharing the same birthday as Shinji)
Sign: Taurus
Age: 17
Occupation: Business Administration Student
Color: purple
Food: any western food (she shares the same taste as Shinji)
Hobbies: practicing Taekwondo, teasing Shinji

About: Shinji and Sumire came from a rich family. Their dad is a very hard working entrepreneur who wants them to be like him someday and handle their business. She's taking up a business related course not sure if she really wants to be like their dad or she's just doing this to please him.
Being daddy's little girl, everyone could say that she has a happy childhood. She gets everything that she wants and being the favorite twin. But deep inside, she really is sad. She likes the attention she gets from their parents but she doesn't enjoy being compared to Shinji. She hates seeing him sad and always feels guilty when she sees him always alone.
Although she is blessed with beauty, she's a little boyish and is a trouble-magnet. Another thing, she hates men specially a certain someone.

Fun facts: She's 5 minutes older than Shinji.
If there's one girl she wants for her brother, it will be Yuri.
She hates that certain someone so much because she can't admit it to herself that she actually likes him.

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