Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jiro's "Senti" Moment

I really felt sorry for Jiro. I promised him that I will really get Yuki after Yuri and Shinji. But I broke my promise and bought Azumi and Raiden. To make matters worse for him, he is surrounded by dolly pairs!

I really felt sorry for the little guy... he really felt so lost without Yuki.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

I Went to Buy Latte Instead

I followed her advice and bought Latte. I saw Holly in the store she's so pretty. I want her too but maybe some other time. ^^

I also bought a Dollcena for my sister for her birthday. She's wearing a Donald Duck costume since my sister is really obsessed with him.

Sumire's box.
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Out of her box:
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With my sister's Dollcena:
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A new family picture:
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The Next Target

I can't choose between Pullip Holly and Pullip Latte. I really wanted them both. They will really fit in my pullip family. I even already thought about their relationship with my other dollies.

I wanted Holly because she looks so much like Pullip Alte who I'll be getting to be Yuki, Yuri's older sister and Jiro's girlfriend. I thought that Holly will be Yuri and Yuki's older sister and her name will be Yuna. Isn't that cute? I already thought of her personality and what she does. She's a fashion designer who came studied in France then will soon join her sisters. She is also Kyrie's mentor. But she's a little cold hearted specially towards Jiro. She doesn't want Jiro for Yuki as well. But she's not secretly in love with him like Yuri does. ^^

I wanted Latte so that Shinji will have a twin sister. I haven't really decided what her name will be if ever I'll get her but the name Sumire was the first name that entered my mind. She is a little boyish and a little war-freak (so she's a little scary). She's also a man hater but only because she hates a certain boy. ^^

I really can't decide who to get so I asked somebody from the Dollhauz forum. She told me to get Latte instead since she's a little rare already and that I should get her before her price increases. She also said that she read from another forum that Holly has a bald spot when you let down her hair. O__o I wasn't aware of that and it really scared me.

Episode 6: You are Not Alone (Part 2)

Ren: Azumi? Is that really you?
Azumi: Yes, Ren. It's me.
Ren: I can't believe that you're back.

Azumi: I'm really back and I will not leave you again. We have so much we have to catch up on. But first I would like you to meet somebody. (points at Raiden)
Ren: Yeah, we sure do. Sure, why don't we just go there?

Azumi (to Ren): Ren, I would like you to meet, Raiden, he's my boyfriend.
(to Raiden): Raiden, this is my younger brother, Ren.
Raiden: Nice to meet you, Ren. Azumi told me so much about you.
Ren: Hi. It's nice to meet you too.
Raiden: I think I should live you two. I know you have so many things to catch up on. I'll see you guys later.

Raiden left.
Ren: He seems to be a really nice guy.
Azumi: Yes, he is. And I'm so lucky to have him.


Ren looked away.


Azumi: Ren, I know you are mad at me for living you. I know it was really hard on you. I know I was really becoming selfish that time just thinking of myself and my dreams.


Azumi: I'm really sorry. It doesn't matter if you can't forgive me. But I just want you to know that I'm really, really sorry.

Azumi placed her hand on Ren's.

Ren (facing Azumi): There's nothing to be sorry about, Azumi. I understand why you left.
Azumi: But I...

Ren placed his arm around Azumi.

Ren: I'm just glad to have you back. I missed you so much, Azumi. I never thought that I can see you again.
Azumi: I missed you too, Ren. And whatever happens I'll never leave your side again.

Ren: sigh~
Azumi noticed that he's been looking at Jiro and Kyrie.

Azumi: Is there something wrong? You've been staring at them.
Ren: Nothing.

Azumi: I know something's bothering you. You can always tell me anything.
Ren: Uhm... really it's nothing. It's just that... Forget it. Nevermind.

Azumi: If you really don't like to talk about it right now, you can always tell me when you're ready.
Ren: Thanks. It's just so good to have you back. Now, I know that I'm not alone.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Episode 6: You are Not Alone (Part 1)

All: Sigh~

Raiden: Azumi, we've been following your brother. I know you are worried about him. Why don't you just go there and talk to him?
Azumi: You know that I can't.

Ren: Sigh~

Kyrie: Oh..., Jiro, this is really bad. Ren's been avoiding me. He's not even looking at me. Oh..., what to do? What to do?
Jiro: Relax, Princess, everything will be fine.
Jiro (to himself): Looks like my plan's really working out well.

Kyrie: So you've already explained to him?
Jiro: Hmm... not really. He's also been avoiding me.
Kyrie: Oh... this is really bad.
Jiro: But you should really not worry. I'm sure he'll be talking to us one of these days.

Kyrie: I really hope so. Or else, we'll have to tell him our secret.
Jiro: It will be fine. We just have to give him sometime.

Ren (to himself): I wonder what those two are talking about? They seem to be really happy. Sigh~ Why do I have to feel this way?

Raiden: Look at your brother. He's been staring at Jiro and that girl.
Azumi: That's Kyrie. She's a really sweet and pretty girl. The three of them grew up together. Well, it's really the 4 of us actually. But I really don't go with them too much. I was quite a loner when I was young. I just wanted to be alone most of the time.
Raiden: Oh. You never told me about that. Anyway, does your brother like Kyrie? Just look how jealous he looks like.

Azumi laughs.
Raiden (puzzled): Why? What's so funny?
Azumi: I just remembered how you used to look like when Jiro and I used to go out.
Raiden: I wasn't jealous at all.

Azumi: Oh, come on. There's nothing to be shy about it.
Raiden: No, I'm not. I wasn't really jealous at all. And... stop teasing me already. Your brother really need you now. I really think you should let him know that you are here.
Azumi (laughs): Stop changing the subject.

Azumi: But you are right. I can't just stay here and watch him be misserable. I just have to let him know that I'm here for him.

Ren: Why is this happening to me? Why do all of the people that I care about go away or are taken away from me? I feel so alone.

???: You are not alone.
Ren (surprised): Huh?


Episode 5: I Love You


Azumi: Sigh~

Raiden: What's the problem? You look so troubled.
Azumi: It's just that...
Raiden: Worried about him?
Azumi: Yeah...
Raiden: Why don't you just let him know that you're here?

Azumi: You know that I can't...he's still mad at me.
Raiden: How did you know? You never tried talking to him.
Azumi: I just know. I could feel it. He's my brother.
Raiden: He is your brother so he'll forgive you

Azumi: But... what I did was really unforgivable.
Raiden: But you still have to try to talk to him, explain things and ask for his forgiveness.
Azumi: But...
Raiden: No more buts. Remember, the reason why we went here and don't make all our sacrifices just be put to waste.

Azumi (turns away): About that... I'm so sorry that you have to sell your bass so that we can get tickest to be here. I told you we could just sell my guitar.
Raiden: It's okay. You know I'll do anything for you.
Azumi: But I know how much your bass is so important to you.

Raiden: You know that nothing is more important than you.
Azumi: Oh, Raiden, I don't know what to do if you are not with me. That's why... I love you so much.
Raiden: I love you too, Azumi and I'll always be beside you.


This is the corniest chapter I ever made. It gives me the creeps. It's so mushy! hehe~

Episode 4: The New Boy

Shinji (to himself): Finally, I made it here. If it isn't for that part-time photography job in that fashion magazine. I wouldn't be here. This place looks so boring. Nobody even picked me up. I don't know were to go.

Shinji looked around and saw someone.

Shinji (to himself): Maybe I could ask her.

He approaches the girl he saw.

Shinji: Excuse me.
Kyrie: Yes?
Shinji: I'm new here. Uhm... I would just like to ask if you know where I could get a place to stay?
Kyrie: I see. No wonder I haven't seen you before. I have a friend who owns an apartment. He still has vacant rooms. Maybe he could help you.

Shinji: Thanks. Uhm... how exactly could I get there?
Kyrie: Just go up that stairs then it's the fist door you'll see to your right. He's really nice and he'll be happy to help you.
Shinji: Thanks again. By the way, I'm Shinji.

Kyrie: Nice meeting you, Shinji. I'm Kyrie. I'm sorry I can't help you get there now. I have to go somewhere.
Shinji: It's okay. I can find my way there. Thanks again.
Kyrie: So, I guess I'll just see you around. Bye.
Shinji: Okay. Bye.

Kyrie left.

Shinji (to himself): She's so nice and so cute. I wonder if she stays in that apartment too? If so, then I'll be seing her more often. *blushes* Looks, like this place isn't so boring and I'll like it here.


Episode 3: Rehearsing the Act

Yuri (mad): Where's that Pea-brain? He's really late!!!

Yuri (checks her phone): He isn't even answering my messages. Ohh... He's a dead meat!!!

Jiro: Oops! She's here already. I wonder how long was she waiting for me?

Jiro: Hey.
Yuri: It's about time. Where were you, you Pea-brain?
Jiro: Sorry. Something came up.

Yuri: Do you know how long I've been waiting here?
Jiro: Sorry, it isn't my fault. Something just came up.
Yuri: Now you owe me something.
Jiro: Fine. Fine. Whatever you want.
Yuri: Cool! Now we can go.
Jiro: Before we go. I want to remind you of our deal.
Yuri: Don't worry. I already know what to say.

Jiro: We need to rehearse your lines so that everything will run smoothly. I don't want you to ruin my plans. Especially now that it's working.
Yuri: Ok. Ok. Why do you have to drag me to your plans, anyway?
Jiro: Because. Are you going to rehearse or not?
Yuri: Fine. When I meet everyone I'll tell them: "Hi my name's Yuri! I'm one of Jiro's fan girls. I followed him here all the way from Hong Kong." Is that alright now?
Jiro: It's okay but make sure you'll act well.

Yuri: No problem! I'm a good actress you know.
Jiro: Yeah, right. Just remember we have to act like we don't really know each other. Well, it's more like I don't know you but you know me. Do you get what I'm saying?
Yuri: Yep! No problem!
Jiro: And please...
Yuri: Don't mention anything about Yuki.
Jiro: You got it! Now we can go.

Yuri: Hey, wait! Aren't you going to help me carry my things?
Jiro: Nope. I don't know you, remember? You'll just follow me to where I'll be going.
Yuri: Come on. Does the act start now?
Jiro: Yes, it starts now.

Jiro: Start moving now or you'll not be able to follow me.
Yuri: Grrr... I'm so going to tell Yuki about this!!!