Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sweet Changes -Yuki and Yuna-

Yuki's and Yuna's stock look:

yuki (by -=april=-)

yuna's stock look (by -=april=-)

I really think that Yuki has the most beautiful hair among my girls. I really love the color and the style for her. She really looks mature to be Yuri's older sister but too mature looking to be Yuna's younger sister specially when I gave Yuna, the wig I ordered for my HK. -__-

is yuri adopted? (by -=april=-)

So what I did was to swap their wigs instead. I think Yuki looks younger than Yuna now. ^_^

yuki (by -=april=-)
Obitsu body (SBH-L Pale)

Rewigged (Cancan r59a brown black)
Added a layer lashes

yuna with alte's stock wig (by -=april=-)
Obitsu body (SBH-M Pale)
Rewigged (Alte's stock wig)
New eyelashes

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